1. Laminates

Design is vast. They come in multiple colors and patterns even. As a furniture maker and designer, we would always want and aim for the best of the bests for our clients. From there we collate and give our clients a table of laminates to choose from and with our guidance, recommend the best ones for the specific area.

We offer melamine which are boards with a laminate already, these laminates are good but the downside of this is that they are limited to colors, so you really just have a number of colors to choose from. Next to that is HPL or High Pressure Laminates, now these are the laminates with a variety of designs to choose from. You can go from wood in a textured finish and even to marble pattern finish. These laminates are then pressed to a board which will be your cabinet door or even table. One of our products is Cerarl. An engineered lightweight decorative panel that is designed for cladding, we sometimes use it as backsplash because of its engineered elements which makes it resistant to water. 

2. Boards

In fabricating any furniture, the choice of board is very crucial as it determines the durability and lifetime of your furniture. Want to know more? Dont worry, we would be very much happy to have it elaborated to you.

Okay so basically, the 2 main boards that we use are MDF and Marine.

We fabricate our furniture using these boards as a carcass depending on what the project is. Marine boards are always the most durable compared to the MDF as they are thicker, harder and sturdier. Marines are often used in the kitchen as one of its characteristics also is that its water resistant. On the other hand, MDF is avoided when it comes to the kitchen as it absorbs water. MDF is best recommended to be used in wardrobes, tables and shelves. Because of its smooth surface MDF boards become very ideal for painting & laminating.

3. Stones

The most favorite of all! Stones. But did you know that despite having a beautiful and elegant marble as your kitchen countertop, we strongly do not recommend it? Here's why. Marbles are naturally porous, the seep in your soy sauce and even your spilled water and it stays stained forever. Now nobody wants a stained countertop right? That's why our best recommendation for countertops is quartz. Quartz is non-porous which will make your kitchen area relatively bacteria free. Marbles on the other hand are incredible as a table top. 

4. Edging

This strip of laminate in a wood finish is called edging. It is put on the sides of the furniture and they are most likely always the same shade with the laminate used. Edgeband protects the board as boards naturally have a tendency to absorb water. But aside from that, it gives a polished overall look on furniture.

If you're reading this, you have reached the end of our blog and you now can decide on which materials you'd be using for your project. Still uncertain tho? Let us help you by contacting us on our social media at @hyridfurniture / Hybrid Furniture.

Oh and PS! : We will be posting more about furniture materials so watch out for that! 

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